67 Things You MUST Keep on Hand...
Are you ready for disaster?
  • What if you lost power for 4 days? Are you ready?  Do you feel confident that you could survive safely?
  • What if you suddenly couldn't get supplies...it's happened recently with toilet paper. Do you keep extra essentials on hand?
  • Where do you even begin? Let's make it simple.

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Hi, my name is Kayla Howard!

I am a Freedom Releaser 🗽| Self-Sufficient Living Lover ⛰| Creator of the Naturally Prepared Sisterhood ⛺️| Homeschooling Momma🏆| Certified Aromatherapist 🌱| Christian ✝️| 

- Foraging Wild Medicine 🌿
- Einkorn & Spelt Sourdough🥖
- Prepping & Self-Sufficient Living ⚠️
- Aromatherapy & Herbs🌹
- Hunting & Cooking Wild Game 🦌
- Backpacking ⛰️
- Homeschooling 📚
- Bible, Faith & Jesus 📜 

Meet me on my website: www.kaylahoward.com
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